Origin: Springfield, Massachusettes, USA
Years Active: 1998-Present
Genres: Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal, and Heavy Metal.
Labels: Prosthetic, Razor & Tie.
Albums: 4
Members: Phil Labonte, Oli Herbert, Jeanne Sagan, Jason Costa, and Mike Martin.
 Former Members: Chris Bartlett, Dan Egan, Matt Deis, Shannon Lucas, and Michael Bartlett.
Music Videos: 9


All That Remains is an American metalcore band from Springfield, Massachusetts which formed in 1998.[1] They have released four studio albums, a live CD/DVD, and have sold over 500,000 albums in the United States. A 5th studio album is coming out in the summer of 2010.

Formation, debut album and This Darkened Heart (1998-2005

Behind Silence and Solitude is the first studio album by American metalcore band All That Remains, released on March 26, 2002. The record's rarity has increased greatly since its release. This is also the only All That Remains album featuring guitarist Chris Bartlett and bassist Dan Egan. A re-issued, remastered version of the album, with all new artwork, was released on October 9, 2007. The artwork was designed by Killswitch Engage bassist Mike D'Antonio.

Phil Labonte had been an original founding member as the singer of
Shadows Fall and appeared on the cult classic album Somber Eyes to the Sky.[2] After being asked to leave, Phil looked to start a new band and thus formed All That Remains.[2] The band released their debut album, Behind Silence and Solitude on March 26, 2002 through Prosthetic Records.[3] The style of the album differs from their current metalcore musical style,[4] and more prominently contains elements of melodic death metal. It was also the band's only release featuring the original members Chris Bartlett and Dan Egan.
The album differs from future efforts, as it is void of any clean vocals and more prominently contains elements of melodic death metal, including harmonized/dual guitar riffs and melody progression.

The debut album has sold over 40,000(units).

This Darkened Heart

Their second album, This Darkened Heart was released on March 23, 2004 through Prosthetic Records. Produced by Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, the album featured better production compared to its predecessor. The three singles that were released from the album are "This Darkened Heart", "Tattered on My Sleeve" and "The Deepest Gray".
Unlike their debut Behind Silence and Solitude, the album features the use of clean vocals and fewer melodic death metal influences and seeks toward a more metalcore-oriented sound. Production, mixing and engineering duties were performed by Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz.

The Fall of Ideals (2006-2008

Their third album The Fall of Ideals was released on July 11, 2006 through Prosthetic Records. Once again, the album was produced by Adam Dutkiewicz. The album is also considered to be the band's breakthrough release, as it entered the Billboard 200 charts at number 75, selling almost 13,000 copies in its first week.[5] "This Calling" was released as the album's first single. Two music videos were created, with one incorporating footage from Saw III (as it was the lead song from the film's soundtrack). A music video was made for the album's second single "The Air That I Breathe". The band was also a part of Ozzfest2006. The song "Six" is featured in Guitar Hero II. On June 20, 2007, it was announced that The Fall of Ideals had surpassed 100,000 sales in the United States.[6] A music video for the album's third single "Not Alone" was filmed on July 4 and was released on September 10, 2007. In 2007, they played at Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany to a great success.[7] On November 30, 2007, All That Remains released a live CD/DVD album titled All That Remains Live.[8]

In early 2008, they embarked on a headlining tour with support from Chimaira and Black Tide with Divine Heresy and Light This City splitting the tour's opening slot. Five Finger Death Punch, was originally supposed to play but dropped off before the tour started due to vocal problems.[9] Later that summer All That Remains appeared on the Midwestern leg of Van's Warped Tour 2008.

Overcome (2008-2010)

The band visited Audiohammer Studios in May, 2008 to record their fourth studio album, entitled Overcome, with producer Jason Suecof.[10] The album was released on September 16, 2008, with critics giving it mixed reviews due to its more mainstream sound, many claiming that the band has put focus on catchy melodies rather than technical heavy metal riffs. The song "Chiron" the first single from the album and a video was produced for it.[11] Two singles from the album ("Chiron" and "Two Weeks") were also released for Rock Band as downloadable content, along with "This Calling". The band released a video for "Two Weeks" in October.[12] "Two Weeks" was also featured as a free playable download on the popular iPhone OS game, Tap Tap Revenge 2.[13] On June 10, All That Remains started touring on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, playing the Jägermeister stage along with God Forbid and headliners Trivium.[14][15]

On April 12, 2009, Phil Labonte posted on his Twitter that he was recording something in the studio on that same day with (at least) Oli and Mike.[16] This turned out to be the acoustic version of "Forever in Your Hands".[17]

On June 29, 2009, drummer Jason Costa broke his hand. The band recruited the drummer Tony Laureano who is famous for his work with Dimmu Borgir and Nile to tour with them throughout the 2009 Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival.[18]

On September 29, 2009, All That Remains announced "The Napalm & Noise Tour", which will take place from November 23 December 21. They will co-headline it with The Devil Wears Prada, and be supported by Story of the Year and Haste the Day.[19]

On October 7, 2009, All That Remains released the music video for their single "Forever in Your Hands".[20] Also released on this day was a free download of the Japan bonus track "Frozen" from Overcome. According to their myspace status, they're releasing a new record set sometime in 2010. Recording of the album will begin in April 2010.[21] Adam Dutkiewicz has been chosen as the producer for the album[22]

Recent Twitter updates from both Mike Martin and Phil Labonte have confirmed their fifth studio album for a September 2010 release.

New album (2010-Present)

All That Remains have made a plan to release a new record sometime in 2010. Recording of the album will begin in April 2010.[23]Adam Dutkiewicz has been chosen as the producer for the album.[24]

Recent Twitter updates from both Mike Martin and Phil Labonte have confirmed their fifth studio album for a September 2010 release