PHIL LABONTE(All That Remains) - Vocalist


Philip Labonte
(Born April 15, 1975) is an American musician from
Massachusetts, best known as the lead singer of the American metalcore band All That Remains and formerly of Shadows Fall.

Name: Philip Labonte
Born: April 15, 1975 (35 years old)
Origin: Chicopee, Massachusettes, USA
Occupation: Musician/Singer
Genres: Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal, and Heavy Metal.
Instruments: Vocals/Guitar
Years Active: 1995-Present
Bands: All That Remains, Shadows Fall, Hero Envy, Killswitch Engage, and Perpetual Doom.

JEANNE SAGAN(All That Remains) - Bassist/Back-up Vox

Jeanne Sagan is from Springfield, Massachusetts and is currently the bassist and backing vocalist (live) for the Metalcore band All That Remains. She is also the former bassist for hardcore band The Acacia Strain. She originally worked merchandise tables for Prosthetic records, and was asked to join All That Remains after bassist Matt Deis left.

Name: Jeanne Sagan
Born: January 11, 1979 (age 31)
Origin: Springfield, Massachusettes
Occupation: Musician/Bassist
Genres: Metalcore
Instruments: Bassist, Vocals
Years Active: 2001-present
Bands: All That Remains, The Acacia Strain, and Ligeia

OLI HERBERT(All That Remains) - Guitarist


Oli Herbert is an American guitarist best known for being the lead guitarist in the metalcore band All That Remains. He can be seen playing an Ibanez S2170 U.S.A and more recently, an Ibanez Xiphos through Peavey 6505+ heads. He uses black Tortex Jazz picks. At a more recent show in Feb '08, he was seen playing the red version of the Ibanez Xiphos.

Oli Herbert is the teacher of his bandmate Mike Martin. Oli got into All That Remains by way of Mike Martin.

Name: Oli Herbert
Occupation: Musician/Guitarist
Genres: Metalcore
Instruments: Electric Guitar
Years Active: 1998-Present
All That Remains

MIKE MARTIN(All That Remains) - Rhythm Guitarist

Mike Martin is an american rhythm guitarist who plays for metalcore band "All That Remains." He was taught by ATR's Lead Guitarist Oli Herbert how to play guitar.

Name: Mike Martin
Occupation: Musician/Guitarist
Genres: Metalcore
Instruments: Rhythym Guitar
Years Active: 2003-Present
: All That Remains

JASON COSTA(All That Remains) - Drummer

Jason Costa is an american drummer for metalcore band "All That Remains" he replaced former drummer: Shannon Lucas who now plays for The Black Dahlia Murder. Jason Costa has appeared on ATR's newest album: Overcome(2008).

Name: Jason Costa
Occupation: Musician/Drummer
Genres: Metalcore/Jazz
Instruments: Drums
Years Active: 2007-Present
All That Remains